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Property Manager

Posted 2 weeks ago
Frigate Bay
Application ends: December 23, 2021
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Job Description

Location: SeaLofts on the Beach, Frigate Bay, 50 Units

Position: Full-Time Position, Monday – Friday

Contact: PropertyManagerSealofts@msn.com



The Property Manager (herein the “PM”) duties shall include but not necessarily be limited to:

•    maintaining the Common Grounds, Exteriors of Buildings, pool area and other common structures, lawns and landscaping, and furnishings in a clean and attractive manner and in such a manner that conforms with the SeaLofts Homeowners Association (SHOA) By-Laws, rules and regulations and policies.  

•    assuring that all structures, grounds, utilities, landscaping, entrance, and egresses are in good working order for the safety and enjoyment of the Homeowners and Renters. 

•    overseeing the basic requirements of the owners who rent their condominiums in the SHOA rental pool and/or for owners with guests.

•    assisting with coordinating repairs and ensuring that owners have paid for materials and services in advance of work being started and submitting such information to the Financial Controller for billing purposes.

•    renting units on behalf of owners; making keys available upon guest arrivals.  

•    overseeing repairs on units and structures/grounds in accordance with the By-Laws, rules regulations and policies. 

•    making recommendations to the Board with regard to maintenance, repair, cleaning, security, staffing, expenses and any and all other issues relating to the Property. 

•    directing staff with regard to maintenance and cleaning of the Association Property, creating daily and weekly work plans for staff, evaluating staff performance of duties, coaching, and assuring tasks are completed in a workman like manner and on time while applying the SHOA policies, and rules.

•    holding staff meetings as often as is necessary to review workplan check lists, and to review timekeeping/schedules.

•    performing daily rounds of the property to determine what work may need to be done to maintain the desired standards of the Association. 

•    maintaining a safe, secure, and organized office including an emergency key program.

•    performing office functions including calls and inquiries via email or in person.

•    coordinating with the Financial Controller to assure office coverage.

•    overseeing staff in performance of duties and keeping timesheets for staff maintaining the property and submitting them to the Financial Controller. 

•    preparing detailed written lists of supplies needed, and assuring appropriate use of supplies, including an accurate accounting of supply use submission to the Financial Controller.  

•    scheduling and overseeing condo cleaning, referred to as “in and out”.  

•    assuring scheduled maintenance such as painting is performed as scheduled as per Board directions. 

•    preparing reports monthly for the Board and other specific reports when required to do so.  

•    answering phone and Association emails, working in coordination with Financial Controller.  

•    coordinating and overseeing all vendor activities on the grounds assuring services are completed as expected in a safe, workman like manner and securing quotes for the Board for work that may be necessary.

•    maintaining security measures with regard to the property including but not limited to a vendor/contractor log in book and a guest/owner calendar of occupancy. 

•    being available to address emergency telephone calls from owners/guests during off hours. 


The PM shall be required to

•    Understand and abide by the SeaLofts Homeowners Association (SHOA) By-Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies as well as the Laws of St. Kitts.

•    Seek written approval prior to any deviation from policies, procedures and By-Laws requirements.

•    Promptly and transparently report to the Board when there is noncompliance with the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, policies, or procedures, by self, homeowners, or others to assure prompt corrective actions are executed.

Advanced education such as an Associate’s degree or technical training is desired. 3-5 yrs. experience managing properties required. Experience with maintenance, repairs, vendor relationships is required. Must be able to function independently using excellent thinking and customer relations skills. Must be proficient with computer, including email, excel and other office software. Excellent communication required to manage and motivate staff, and interact with vendors, homeowners, and renters. Must own a vehicle to conduct business off property as necessary.